Klarna's online pop-up campaign lets you shop directly from its ads

The Swedish payment app continues its quirky U.S. brand push from Mirimar with virtual contest featuring enticing goods

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Jul 17, 2020

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Shopping app Klarna’s first major U.S. brand campaign played off the brand’s Swedish roots by turning some of the country’s classic pop culture content into pitches for the brand—with the help of faux Klarna-praising subtitles that actually have no relation to what’s really going on in the films. Created out of Mirimar, the campaign is now extending to an online pop-up “shop” designed to show off the merits of using the app.

Klarna’s "Smooth Room” showcases a series of enticing goods like a “rad” aquarium, a “dope” telescope, a pink Fender guitar and a premium Yeti cooler that visitors can “purchase” on the spot. 

Klarna smooth room

At first, the products appear with pricey tags. Consumers are then invited to agree to four “payments” to acquire them—but they’re all payments of zero dollars. It’s actually a contest, but one that educates users on the benefits of Klarna, which allows them to split up and space out paying the bill when purchasing goods.

Klarna smooth room Yeti

The promotion is running for only 48 hours and is being promoted in social ads that consumers can also “shop” directly from. The films continue the vibe of the campaign’s initial films and feature retro videos featuring a bouffant-headed spokeswoman discussing the merits of all the Smooth Room goods.