The letters on Greta Thunberg's climate protest signs are now a typeface anyone can use

Design startup Uno constructed an entire alphabet from the 16-year-old activist's hand lettering

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Oct 02, 2019

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Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate change activist, inspired millions of people around the world to take a stand for the health of the planet—especially young people. Now, thanks to an environmentally-concerned team at startup Uno, anyone can channel Greta’s passion into a protest sign of their own.

Greta Grotesk is a free, downloadable typeface based on Thunberg’s own hand lettering on the signs she used while protesting alone outside the Swedish parliament in the year before she caught the world’s attention.

To construct the typeface, the Uno team analyzed Greta’s signs and converted the letters into vector images. They adjusted the characters to the same height and fixed distortions caused by the process. For letters with multiple options to choose from, like the “T” that shows up twice in “Klimatet,” they picked the one that fit best with the other characters.

Using the limited set of characters on her signs, they reconstructed the rest of the alphabet. The curve of the “R” was repurposed as the top of the “B.” They flipped one of the “M”s to make the “W” and added one of the bars of the “E” to the “O” to make the “Q.”

It’s a simple set of characters—capital letters, numbers and a few bits of punctuation—but it’s plenty to convey the right amount of outrage.

Greta Grotesk design process