Penny's dark, powerful Christmas ad addresses the rifts in society

From Covid to Ukraine, no topic is left untouched in the German retailer's bleak film

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Nov 10, 2022

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German retailer Penny picked up a Cannes Grand Prix this year for its 2021 holiday ad "The Wish," a gut-wrenching story about pandemic loss. This year, its Christmas spot is even more hard-hitting and yes, depressing. But once again, it's undeniably powerful stuff.

"The Rift" addresses the divisions in European society, and it really leave no stone unturned: Covid, the war in Ukraine, climate change, the energy crisis and immigration concerns are all alluded to here. The spot starts with an altercation between an older woman driving a car and a young boy on a bike in an apartment block's underground parking lot. As the woman travels through the building to her apartment, further divisions are exposed; between the generations, between people from different cultures, between war and peace activists. Meanwhile, the cracks that run through society are reflected by a physical metaphor; cracks appear in the woman's glasses, and in the building itself. It's only when the young boy comes to the woman's apartment and asks "can we talk?" that the divisions start to heal.

The spot was created by Serviceplan and directed by Seb Edwards via Anorak.  In addition to the film, the campaign has a landing page where viewers can find concrete tips for “constructive discussions,” in collaboration with local German organizations.

"We've loaded our Christmas film with cultural and social themes that really no one can ignore,” said Christoph Everke, creative managing director of Serviceplan, in a statement. “Opinions clash and literally break an entire apartment block apart. The topics are taken from real life and portrayed so relentlessly that you can’t help but feel caught out. The film gives you goosebumps, a feeling of uneasiness and hopefully makes you rethink.”


Nov 10, 2022
Client :
Agency :
Stefan Görgens
Marketing :
Marcus Haus
Head of Brand Marketing :
Werner Hesse Quack
managing director :
Christoph Everke
Creative Director :
Moritz Dornig
Creative Director :
Matthias Schuster
Copywriter :
Katharina King
Creative Director :
Alessia Coschignano
Junior Copywriter :
Florian Joester
Copywriter :
Nedim Aktas
Junior Art Director :
Elvira Breit
Art Director :
Laura Rösch
Junior Art Director :
Vivien Katholing
Intern Copywriter :
Yvan Jonathan Fuchs
Junior Account Manager :
Alessia Scheffler
Account Director :
Frederike Striegel
Account Management :
Marén Echtermeyer
Executive Producer :
Aisha Blackwell
Producer :
Jennifer Meisels
Production Company :
Director :
Seb Edwards
Kasper Tuxen
Production Design :
Kave Quinn
Costume Design :
Fritzi Ngceni
SFX Supervisor :
Adi Popescu
VFX Supervisor :
Stephen Grasso
Art Director :
Serban Porupca
Editor :
Tom Lindsay
Sound Design :
Nicolas Becker
Sound Mix :
Ken Yasumoto
Music :
Ben Lukas Boysen
Executive Producer :
Christoph Petzenhauser
Producer :
Björn Krüger-Levy
Service Producer :
Alex Molea
Service Production :
ICON Films
Offline Edit :
VFX Studio :
Time Based Arts
Casting :
Julia Todorow

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