Hornbach delves inside our sweat glands in this crazy (and totally gross) spring campaign

Andreas Nilsson directs another surreal take on manual labor for the German retailer

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Mar 20, 2018

Editor's Pick

Geman home improvement retailer Hornbach is known for pushing the boundaries with its ads via Heimat Berlin about the benefits of manual labor-- but this year's spring TV spot is one of the craziest (and grossest) we've seen so far.

Directed by Andreas Nilsson--who's clearly had tremendous fun making it--via Czar Berlin, the spot takes us inside the body of a sweating DIY-er, where the stresses of work, home and the media (represented by a businessman shouting, a bunch of cellphones, alarm clocks and TVs and a guitar-thrashing punk teenager) are dealt with by a gang of crazy "rubber cowboys" who transform them all into sweat. The process includes buckets of liquid, squishy, slimy internal organs, steam engines and screeching. At the end, we see the drops of sweat coming out on the skin of a man laying paving stones. It ends with the tagline "Sweat it out."

"The campaign is a typical Hornbach invitation to be both active and creative outside in your garden during this spring," explains Thomas Schnaitmann, Hornbach's head of marketing in Germany and international marketing communication, in a statement. "Anyone who has ever dug out a garden pond, planted a flower bed or built a patio knows that a project which makes you sweat is the perfect way get rid of stress that has built up over the day."