Best of 2021: Time recreates MLK's 'I Have a Dream' speech in Fortnite

Time Studios, Epic Games and the Estate of Martin Luther King Jr. launch video game experience 'March Through Time'

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Aug 26, 2021

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At No. 18: Time leverages the metaverse as an education platform for social justice

In 2020, Time magazine and Viola Davis partnered with the estate of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on “The March,” an immersive exhibit recreating the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. This month, the exhibit reopens at the Dusable Museum of African American History in Chicago as well as in an unexpected venue: Fortnite.

Time Studios announced today that the exhibit will come to the online battle-royale video game for an experience called “March Through Time." The year-long, in-game celebration of the march’s anniversary aims to expose new audiences to Dr. King's “I Have a Dream” speech as well as pivotal moments in the Civil Rights Movement.

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"TIME Studios' mission is to embrace innovative new formats to tell the world's most impactful stories,” said president of TIME Studios, Ian Orefice, in a statement. “We are thrilled to introduce our first-ever gaming experience and expand our groundbreaking ‘The March’ project, which started as an immersive exhibit, into the global, educational event ‘March Through Time’ in Fortnite Creative.”

“March Through Time” will teleport players to D.C. 63, a reimagined version of the nearly six-decades-old Washington, D.C. where Dr. King spoke at the National Mall. Inspired by “The March” museum experience, the game will allow Fortniters to hear Dr. King’s teachings as well as play collaborative mini-games inspired by his iconic speech that promote the idea of progress by working together. The experience wasn’t generated by Epic Games, but was developed in Fortnite Creative Mode, a build-your-own system within the game, in collaboration between Time and Fortnite community creators.

"The King Estate is excited to partner with Time once again on another innovative project,” added Eric D. Tidwell, Esq., managing director and general counsel at the King Estate. “We continuously strive to move Dr. King from the history books and place his legacy directly into the lives of younger generations. With the advent of emerging technology, we seek to use all resources available to continue to spread his wonderful legacy of hope, peace, love, and equality. Presenting his most famous speech in such an interactive format helps us achieve that goal."