Velveeta eaters ooze effortless cool in latest quirky ‘La Dolce Velveeta’ spots

Johannes Leonardo returns with three vignettes, directed by Andreas Nilsson, that give the brand even more confidence and swagger

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Apr 18, 2023
A woman in a crowd eating Velveeta from a fanny pack

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Let’s admit up front that making Velveeta cool has been quite the accomplishment. This is not, historically speaking, a cool brand. But with help from Johannes Leonardo, the Kraft Heinz processed cheese has brazenly positioned itself as just about the coolest thing ever—and somehow it worked, thanks to 2021’s over-the-top rebrand and a series of successive marketing stunts.

Today, we get a new raft of “La Dolce Velveeta” work, and it’s just as peculiarly delightful as the prior stuff. Three spots directed by the always-reliable Andreas Nilsson function as wordless set pieces—in a convertible, in a rodeo bar and on a crowded street.

These characters ooze attitude. And they will enjoy Velveeta whenever, and however, they please.


The carefree outsider who’s somehow the ultimate insider is a fun advertising trope—see, for example, the Southern Comfort beach guy. But there’s an added absurdity when the product isn’t liquor but processed cheese. And it is indeed, cool, on some level, to like something everyone else looks down on. Nilsson’s threaded that needle for years, going back to his pairing of Jean-Claude Van Damme and Enya for Volvo Trucks’ “The Epic Split.”

“Simplicity was the key here,” said noted JL creative lead Andrew Chin. “It’s not even cool to talk about ‘cool’ so we focused on showing it in very reductive ways that centered on just cheese and attitude. And Andreas was the perfect choice to bring that story to life.”

“Velveeta people are different,” added JL creative lead Lannie Hartley. “They don’t care what people think about what they enjoy. They just … enjoy it. There’s an inherent confidence there that’s worth acknowledging. So this year was all about shining a light on that signature bit of attitude and cool that embodies those who live La Dolce Velveeta.”

“Velveeta has had a major transformation over the last few years and we are only just beginning,” said Kelsey Rice, senior brand manager for Velveeta. “We’ve created ways for our fans to live LDV IRL—hello, Pinkies Out nail polish and the Veltini—and are now excited to evolve our LDV campaign to show the big mood food attitude only Velveeta can unlock. Velveeta is more than delicious, cheesy goodness. We see it as a ticket to living a life filled with outrageous pleasure.”

Starting today, cutdowns of the longform films will run across TV, OLV and social. There will also be mood-food placements at launch in Times Square and on the Las Vegas Strip.


Apr 18, 2023
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Kelsey Rice
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Jan Jacobs
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Leo Premutico
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Julia Neumann
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Mathew Jerrett
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Andrew Chin
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Lannie Hartley
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Emily Garvey
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Andreas Nilsson
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Shawn Lacy
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Holly Vega
Head of Production :
Sean Moody
Jay Veal
Bidding Producer :
Nash Cubero
Local Service Company :
The Lift
Avelino Rodríguez
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Pablo Chozas
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Cristina Barres
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Julieta Horak
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Brock Houghton
Food Stylist :
Bea M. Nogueira
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Paola Alfaro
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Cut & Run
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The Quarry
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Jonnie Scarlett
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Bacon X
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Marc Algranti
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John Ciambriello

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