Visible's Pride marketing won't end after June

As company once again turns to its community for its messages, head of brand marketing says prioritizing trust and credibility has been key to creating meaningful campaigns

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Jun 11, 2021

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Today, digital phone service Visible debuted its Pride campaign, “#ProudlyVisible,” with a social media teaser made by ad agency Madwell. The video stars a slate of LGBTQ+ influencers and activists, including Christian Siriano, Tegan and Sara and Kim Petras, who will join the Verizon-owned brand to share their definition of family. 

Family is central to Visible’s phone service and branding because users pay less per month when they join “Party Pay," the brand’s version of traditional family phone plans that allows users to invite anyone to their group.

“Some of these parties have 1000’s of people in them. A lot of them don't know each other,” says Pearl Servat, Visible’s head of brand marketing. “They're finding each other in these communities, like on social and Reddit and word-of-mouth, and they're sharing their codes, and they're creating communities.”

Visible has consistently turned to social and customer communities for its campaigns. Before “#ProudlyVisible,” there was May’s “#SimpleCheckin” for Mental Health Awareness Month and last year’s Shorty Award-winning campaign “#VisibleActsofKindness,” in which participants shared stories of pandemic hardship and related kindnesses. Visible then went on to treat 1,000 participants with surprises such as Amazon gift cards, totalling $250k from the brand.

“#VisibleActsofKindness,” which harnessed the power of social media A-listers like Dan Levy and Tank Sinatra, led to more than 13k submissions, 5.5 million impressions and 2 million engagements. Visible hopes to replicate last year’s success with “#ProudlyVisible” through the combination of influencer posts and community submissions, all while promoting visibility and togetherness in the LGBTQ+ community.

Digital marketing group Anchor Media collaborated with Visible to source the campaign’s team of queer influencers, including past collaborators ALOK and Pattie Gonia. Before publishing today’s launch video, partner posts like one from YouTuber and activist @itstarekali (96.2k followers) and another from mom blogger @raffinee (169k followers) had already received thousands of interactions.


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While “#ProudlyVisible” debuts in time for Pride month, Visible says it won't end in June. True to its company values of transparency, community and impact, Visible is committed to inclusive marketing year-round.

Servat notes that building trust and credibility through Visible’s social media presence has been key to the brand's word-of-mouth growth.

“Some of the partners that are a part of this campaign we've worked with for a long time and we have plans for them for the rest of the year. All of our marketing is really inclusive,” says Servat. “From day one, we've said we want to be a brand that's for everyone, and walks the walk with and for our communities. We’ll always stand beside you and we’ll always show up for you.”