Apple celebrates dogs whose prosthetics were made with help from the iPhone

India Sleem’s touching short film about a dog named Trip shows off the phone’s LiDAR and TrueDepth technology along the way

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Aug 22, 2023
Photo of Trip, the three-legged dog wearing his prosthetic fourth leg in Apple's short film

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We’ve already seen one remarkable campaign about pets today, and here’s another that’s sure to make dog lovers’ hearts melt.

Apple has been focusing on disability for a long time, and how the iPhone help disabled people overcome obstacles in their daily lives. Now, the brand expands that focus to disabled pets—with a short film, directed by India Sleem, about the iPhone’s ability to help design prosthetics for dogs who’ve lost limbs.

The film tells the story of a dog named Trip, whose resilience and love for life are palpable. It also shines a spotlight on iPhone’s LiDAR and TrueDepth technology, which a New Jersey company called 3DPets uses to create digital 3D models of Trip and other dogs they work with—so they can design the prosthetics to fit properly.


The film carries the familiar “Shot on iPhone” branding at the end, along with another line: “Made with iPhone.” Along with Trip, there are four other hero dogs featured in the campaign—Eve, Samson, and Cleo, who all have front full-limb prostheses, and P!nk, who uses a cart.

Coincidentally, Cleo is the subject of another high-profile video also posted today—a 12-minute piece by Marques Brownlee, the popular YouTubers.

The campaign will appear on @apple, digital out-of-home, broadcast (in a 30-second version), YouTube and YouTube pre-roll. Instagram posts are being created in collaboration with 3DPets (@3d.pets), Leeor Wild (@leeorwild, the photographer for the campaign) and India Sleem (@indiasleem).