Nadja Auermann Is the 'Meister of Cold' in Jagermeister's Repositioning Campaign

Spot Filmed in Berlin Underlines the Brand's German Heritage

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May 03, 2017

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Jagermeister is underlining its German roots and super-chilled taste in a new U.S. campaign designed to reposition the brand and promote it to a millennial audience.

The campaign is launched with a TV spot, created by agency Opperman Weiss, that stars German supermodel Nadja Auermann walking into a Berlin nightclub and demanding a Jagermeister in frosty ice-queen style. German director Ralf Schmerberg helmed the ad, mingling shots of Berlin's nightlife with lots of motifs of cold and ice to emphasize its minus-18 celsius serving temperature. It's kitschy in style -- think "Cabaret" for millennials, with a touch of '80s Teutonic Bond villainess thrown in.

"It takes a courageous client to tap into their heritage and provenance in such an irreverent way, but Jägermeister is just the brand to do it -- it's in their DNA to be on the edge," said Jeff Weiss, co-founder and chief creative officer at Opperman Weiss, in a statement. "This Bauhaus--inspired glimpse into the Berlin underground is an own-able, modern way for the brand to maintain its category leadership while solidifying its position as a truly refined spirit. This is no doubt a pivotal time for Jägermeister."