This campaign for a bingo game features 40,964 unique radio ads

Enjoy finding five things in a row? You’ll get a kick out of these spots from Neverland for Gala Bingo

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May 12, 2023
Gala Bingo logo and the word alpaca five times

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Bingo is all about getting five things in a row. Which is what U.K. gaming site Gala Bingo delivers in its new radio campaign—in 40,964 different arrangements.

The brand’s lead creative agency, Neverland, recorded more than 150 words being said five times. Then it teamed up with AMA Studio, which crafts digital audio campaigns, to create a dynamic ad campaign that pulls on the fly from those words batches and delivers them in a different order every time.

These ads will run across the U.K. on digital audio and radio—including Spotify and through Global Player, which streams a network of stations (Capital, Classic FM, Heart, LBC, etc.)

Here are a few examples of the spots:

Gala Bingo | Brolly


Gala Bingo | Sequin


Gala Bingo | Werewolf


The tech is also location based. A set of seaside-themed words (lobster, ice cream, seagull) will play when the system sees that someone is hearing the spots near the coast, while a different set of words that people will hear if they are in a city (traffic, building, digger). 

There are other triggers, too—the word “werewolf” will only be included if it’s past sunset on the night of a full moon. The agency also tagged words that reference bands playing at Glastonbury, which will only be included when they are playing on stage at the festival.

Here’s a rundown of how some words are being used:

🎤 Sequin—in honor of this Saturday’s Eurovision Final
🌕 Werewolf—only played during the full moons of July and August
🎸 Guitar—for radio listeners heading toward or at Glastonbury
♏ Scorpio—live across Scorpio season in October and November
🦞 Lobster—only being heard by people near the coast
🤴 Crown—to celebrate the King’s birthday on June 17
☔ Brolly—a reminder for when it’s raining in an area
🌭 Sausage—only to be heard in and around Cumberland

Gala Bingo partner the7stars handled media.

Sara Jolly, head of brand at Gala Bingo & Foxy Bingo, said: “Gala Bingo, Gala Bingo, Gala Bingo, Gala Bingo, Gala Bingo.”
Rob Broomhall, creative production manager at AMA said: “Dynamic, Dynamic, Dynamic, Dynamic, Dynamic.”
Noel Bunting, executive creative director of neverland, said: “Neverland, Neverland, Neverland, Neverland, Neverland.”


May 12, 2023
Client :
Gala Bingo
Agency :
Head of Brand & Content :
Sara Jolly
Senior Brand Manager :
Kim Mills
Brand Manager :
Danika Jones
Brand Marketing Executive :
Kerri Matthews
Co-founder & Creative Strategy :
Jon Forsyth
Co-founder & Creative Strategy :
Simon Massey
Executive Creative Director :
Noel Bunting
Senior Creative :
Tom Dixon
Senior Creative :
Erik Uvhagen
Creative :
Alek Lewin
Creative :
Sam Creedon
Head of Production :
Amy Coomber
Senior Producer :
David Riley
Production Assistant :
Isa Rehman
Senior Strategist :
Clemence Lepinard
Strategist :
Natalia Robinson
Social Strategist :
Meg Anderson
Business Director :
Theo Jenkins
Account Director :
Dan Taylor
Account Manager :
Sadie Quinn
Audio Post House :
Producer :
Ethan Day
Producer :
Beth Massey
Sound Design & Mix :
James Utting
Sound Design & Mix :
Michael Haines
Radio & Digital Audio Production :
Creative :
Rob Broomhall
Senior Campaign Manager :
Cara Aghabi
Senior Sales Manager :
Susie Sogot-Lewis
Media Agency :
Planning & Client Lead :
Libby Foster
Client Lead :
Jonathan Rees

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