Chipotle fans flip their lids over viral TikTok challenge

Based on a chipotle employee with flair, hundreds of thousands try to their hand at the lid flip challenge

Published On
Apr 24, 2020


For Chipotle, engaging young people through its app and delivery platform is crucial. Recent research found that Gen Zers order delivery more than any other generation. It is crucial to reach this audience on mobile devices where they spend a large chunk of their lives. The hottest way to do that in 2019 was through TikTok of which 60% of U.S. users fell between the ages of 16 and 24-years-old.

Day One helped Chipotle start with a Challenge - the backbone of TikTok where thousands of creators put their own spin on a creative prompt. The first Challenge came from inside Chipotle itself. The Lid Flip Challenge based on a real employee who had a real flair for assembling burrito bowls.


Chipotle launched its activities alongside the launch of star YouTube star and genuine Chipotle superfan David Dobrik’s account with the goal of spreading awareness of free delivery for digital orders for Cinco de Mayo. To join in, all you needed was a phone and a delicious Chipotle burrito bowl.

In just the first six days of the Lid Flip Challenge with David Dobrik, 111,000 videos were submitted to the Challenge and it created a record-breaking digital sales day driving app downloads and delivery among the key Gen Z audience.