Grindr's first commercial celebrates users' kinks

'My Tags' is a cheeky visual representation of app's profile filters

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Apr 14, 2022

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Grindr hasn’t always been regarded as an inclusive platform. In 2020, the location-based dating app geared toward gay men met criticism for its ethnicity-based profile filters. It has since deleted the feature and made an effort to balance its no-holds-barred mentality with an accepting atmosphere. For its first commercial campaign, the platform showcases the diversity of its user base through its kink-forward “my tags” function.

“My tags” allow users to filter prospective partners by common sexual interests rather than physical attributes—well, aside from bedroom offerings like “hung” and “bubble butt.” According to Grindr’s glossary, the existing selection of tags ranges from “cat person” to “latex” to “friends” to “quickie,” but for anyone who doesn’t find a representative tag, the app offers the option to suggest more.

The “my tags” spot is a playful celebration of those that identify by these terms, combining suggestive imagery with related terms. A person hanging a painting of a large banana represents the term “hung” (get it—because they hung a painting). A couple munching on a sandwich “Lady and the Tramp” style reference the “sub” tag and an opened avocado pops up the term “pits.”

Some of the references are slightly less subtle, like a man dancing in a lawn sprinkler under the phrase “watersports,” or the same man brandishing a whip for the tag “leather.” However, others elicit a good chuckle, such as a baguette that transforms from “uncut” to “cut” after it's been split into two pieces.

The campaign, which will run on Grindr’s social platforms, was directed by Grindr’s in-house Creative Director, Evan Sterrett, with production by L.A.-based company Florence.

“Grindr’s new campaign is all about acceptance and inclusion,” said Florence Executive Producer Ned Brown in a statement. “There’s nothing more healthy, liberating, and authentic than accepting people for who they are and letting them know it’s okay to express themselves fully.”

“‘My Tags’ is the perfect feature to showcase what makes Grindr special,” added Sterrett in a statement. “No matter what you’re into, we’ve got it here, and we celebrate it. Wave your freak flag (tag) high.”


Apr 14, 2022
Client :
Agency :
Marking Director :
Alex Black
Creative Director :
Evan Sterrett
Owner / Ep :
Jerad Anderson
Managing Director / EP :
Ned Brown
Head of Production :
Matt Griffo
EP :
Ryan Kincade
EP :
Eduardo Cardenas
Director :
Evan Sterrett
Producer :
Eduardo Cardenas
Line Producer :
Maria B. Fernandez
Production Manager :
Joey Fitzsimmons
1st AD :
Chelsey D'adesky
DP :
Ernesto Lomeli
Production Designer :
Erin Lynn Welsh
Casting Director :
Tim Harrington

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