Ikea claims to be the creator of the real Swedish meatball

The brand creates a new 'origin' story for the popular dish (by way of a new product)

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Mar 12, 2021

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Back in 2018, the country of Sweden admitted in a tweet that the so-called “Swedish meatballs” beloved around the world aren’t Swedish at all. They actually originated in Turkey, based on a receipt that Sweden’s King Charles XII brought back to the country in the early 18th century. 

But now, Ikea has announced that it has officially put the Sweden back into the country’s meatballs—by way of its own meat orb offering. 

A new video from Memac Ogilvy illustrates how the plant-based version of the Huvudroll (as the balls are called on Ikea packaging) are a true Swedish meatball because their recipe was conceived by Ikea Food chef Alexander Magnusson, using all-Swedish ingredients and, in “true Swedish fashion,” they are sustainably created too.

The video posits that Ikea “had made Swedish meatballs Swedish again.” We’re nitpicking here, but since the balls aren’t actually meat at all, can Ikea really make that claim?


For those of you who don't really give a damn about origin stories and prefer the "original" non-Swedish meatballs, you can still head to your local Ikea for those, or use the recipe the brand offered up for those still on lockdown.