Marvel's Avengers pitch 'Superior Seminars' online classes in super hero Masterclass parodies

Iron Man teaches beaming, and Ms. Marvel and the Hulk get their smashing on

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Sep 15, 2020

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Lockdown has led many people to pick up new skills—baking, biking, a second language. At-home learning is big business now, and ubiquitous autoplay ads for Masterclass tout the expertise of celebrities like Natalie Portman, celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and tastemakers like Anna Wintour.

But none of them can explain exactly where to place a particle beam for maximum carnage.

A series of new spots for the “Marvel’s Avengers” video game recruits Marvel Cinematic Universe staples Iron Man and The Hulk for their own “Superior Seminars” trailers. Learn how to master the superhero landing, aim for the face and, of course, smash.


Ms. Marvel, who has hammers for hands, also gets a trailer that showcases all the ways she—and ostensibly a viewer—can turn a body into a weapon, though that’s made easier by ignoring fundamental rules of conservation of mass.

The spots use CGI footage from the video game and are directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts via RSA Films, Ridley Scott’s production company. It’s also some of the first work from BBH New York led by Chief Creative Officer Rafael Rizuto, who joined the agency from TBD in April. Industrial Light & Magic leaned on its experience with the Marvel characters to create the visual effects, and Skywalker Sound handled sound design.


The campaign also includes a CGI trailer for the Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix game, which is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia and will get PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X later this year.



Sep 15, 2020
Client :
Client :
Crystal Dynamics
Client :
Square Enix Co., Ltd.
Agency :
BBH-New York
Chief Creative Officer :
Rafael Rizuto
Executive Creative Director :
Jonathan Mackler
Group Creative Director :
Lucas Bongioani
Creative Director :
Diego Fonseca
Creative Director :
Scott Cooney
Associate Creative Director :
Hora Somani
Associate Creative Director :
Bruno Francino
Senior Copywriter :
Ben Cascella
Designer :
Lukas Weber
Head of Production :
Brooke Kaylor
Managing Partner :
L Parker Barnum
Group Account Director :
Ali Cornford
Account Supervisor :
Dylan Roley
Account Manager :
Becky Tanner
Head of Planning :
Tom Callard
Strategist :
Dylan Fauss
Director :
Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Executive Producer :
Buddy Brakha
Executive Producer :
Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Producer :
Julien Lemaitre
Associate Producer :
Bryan Chojnowski
Senior Producer :
Katherine Farrar Bluff
Associate Producer :
Karen Kelly
VFX Producer :
Jeff White
Animation Supervisor :
Scott Benza
CG Supervisor :
Bruno Baron
Production Manager :
Lauren Fong
Associate Production Manager :
Nick Johnson
Editor :
Ian Mackenzie
Assistant Editor :
Cooper McLane
Executive Producer :
Gina Pagano
Sound Design :
Al Nelson
ADR Supervisor :
Gwendolyn Whittle
Audio Engineer/Mix :
Pete Horner
Audio Engineer/Record :
Rob Difondi
Sound Design :
William McGuigan
Iron Man Voice over :
Nolan North
Captain America Voice over :
Jeff Schine
Kamala Khan Voice over :
Sandra Saad
Original Composition :
Sizzer Music
Editor :
Jim Schwartz
Producer :
Marc Baill
Business Affairs :
Librado Sanchez

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