From blue blood to a giant head, PETA's ad depicts the horrors that might result from eating octopus

The animal rights group takes a darkly humorous approach in spot by Grey London

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Oct 19, 2022

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There's plenty of sensitivity these days around eating octopus (especially since films like Netflix's "My Octopus Teacher" reminded us how intelligent the creatures are.) A new spot from animal rights group PETA and Grey London also wants to remind us not to, but takes a humorous stance to engage our attention.

The idea is that if you eat octopus, you'll fall victim to a curse. So your blood will run blue, your head will turn giant, you'll get googly octopoid eyes and more.  All this is portrayed in a 70s-style PSA format, with some hilarious direction by Jeff Low of Biscuit (who's also behind another supremely comedic ad this week, for Ocean Spray.)

The film ends with the message: "Octopuses are extremely intelligent, sensitive creatures. If you eat them you’re basically a cannibal. Stay human. Don’t eat octopus."

It's running in the U.K. and U.S., raising awareness of a petition to block the development of the first octopus farm in Europe.

“PETA wanted one thing…for people to stop eating octopus. It’s a serious brief that we tackled with a silly answer; by creating a very ‘real’ curse,” said David Wiggleworth, executive creative director at Grey London.



Oct 19, 2022
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Vice President of Programmes :
Elisa Allen
Anti-Speciesism Project Leader :
Vanessa Johansson
Global CCO :
Javier Campopiano
President & CCO :
Laura Jordan Bambach
David Wigglesworth
Head of Art :
Costanza Rossi
Creative Director :
Cesar Herszkowicz
Creative Director :
Alexandru Vasile
Creative :
Cesar Herszkowicz
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Alexandru Vasile
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Cameron Sutherland
Raquel Chicourel
Agency Planner :
Asad Shaykh
Joint Managing Director :
Jonny Tennant-Price
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Katherine Goodale
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Ayesha Datoo
Executive Producer :
Maxine Hose
Agency Senior Producer :
Anthony Borkett
Head of Design :
Sunir Patel
Designer :
Stuart Leung
Production Company :
Biscuit Filmworks
Producer :
Kwok Yau
Executive Producer :
Samantha Chitty
Managing Director / Executive Producer :
Rupert Reynolds-MacLean
Head of Production :
Polly Du Plessis
Production Manager :
Thom Green
Director :
Jeff Low
Matthew Emvin Taylor
Production Design :
Lucie Red
Editing Company :
Shift Post
Editor :
Saam Hodivala
VFX + Color :
Untold Studios
Executive Producer :
Ian Berry
Producer :
George Reid
Creative Director :
Ben Cronin
VFX Supervisor :
Alex Kulikov
VFX Artist :
Michael Korniltsev
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Felicia Petersen
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Lucas Girault
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Lewis Hodd
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Julien Alary
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Richard Harris
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