Pinterest helped Joan, McCann and Mojo Supermarket spice up their boring conference rooms

‘Unboring My Boardroom’ led to some zany themes—and a better understanding of the consumer journey on the platform

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Jul 10, 2023
Jaime Robinson and Lisa Clunie dancing in their new conference room

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Creative agencies often don’t have the most creative workspaces, particularly when it comes to their lame old conference rooms. But now, Pinterest has helped three New York agencies redesign those spaces—while taking them through the consumer journey on Pinterest at the same time.

Joan Creative, McCann and Mojo Supermarket participated in “Unboring My Boardroom,” a B2B campaign. The agencies each sat down to brainstorm what their dream space might look like, with help from Pinterest mood boards. Eventually, they settled on some wild themes—Post Apocalyptic Time Machine Stuck in 1976! (Joan), 3rd on 23rd (McCann) and Trippy Jungle Retrofuturism (Mojo Supermarket).

Pinterest then partnered with Media.Monks for support with conceptual artists, production design and fabrication in-house. Carlyn Hudson was brought in to direct the short film below, which takes you through the project.


“Pinterest is the place where people can discover new ideas, decide what to do and then take action,” Stacy Malone, VP and global head of business marketing at Pinterest, told Ad Age. “We wanted to show advertisers the consumer journey firsthand by challenging the most creative minds to come up with their biggest ideas, and showing them how it's possible with Pinterest. From getting inspiration on how to revamp the room, to choosing the exact items they wanted to see, to actually bringing the board to fruition, it was not only super fun to do this project but we hope it was enlightening, too.”

Pinterest tapped Joan, McCann and Mojo Supermarket because they “each produce such compelling work and our marketing teams have long admired these three creative shops,” Malone added.

Below a look at all three designs, along with insights from each shop.

Postapocalyptic Time Machine Stuck in 1976

Joan Creative

Luxurious plush red room with a mirror ball mannequin body

Lava lamp wall at Joan

Mossy fungus wall at Joan

Description: “Step out of your time machine and step into a groovy, velvety, furry and long forgotten world—it’s 1976. The lava lamps are still bubbling, the music never stopped, but nature has decided to join the party. As you explore this dreamy, bucolic abandoned civilization you stumble into hidey spots overtaken by moss and onto soft places to relax and re-energize. Stay a while and indulge in a Jell-O mold or perhaps a Twinkie.”

Jaime Robinson, co-founder and chief creative officer: “Through this project, we were able to see how fun and actionable the journey on Pinterest can be, from stretching our imagination and discovering new ideas, to deciding on a concept, to actually making it happen. It was incredible to see everything come to life in a beautiful, totally insane way—there are endless possibilities on what can be ‘unboringed’ with Pinterest next.” 

3rd on 23rd


Person with a giant cat head shopping at the "Inspo Mart"

Shayne Millington, co-chief creative officer, McCann New York, shopping at the "Inspo Mart"

Women with boom boxes at the "Inspo Mart"

Description: “We’re going up! 23 stories up to be exact. To the coolest, most unique bodega in New York City. Elevated not only in floors but also in style. Step inside and you’ll find the best that NY has to offer, and if you look hard enough you just might find something ... unexpected. Get inspired, relax and play a game, or take a ride on the subway—this bodega is sure to have everything you need. And of course, don’t forget to give some love to McCatt, the bodega cat.”

Shayne Millington, McCann New York chief creative officer: “Reimagining our conference room was such a compelling use of Pinterest, not just to find inspiration but then to apply it in real life. This experience opened us up to new creative possibilities, from concept to execution, and we look forward to seeing all of the other ideas that come out of this newly inspired space.”

Trippy Jungle Retro Futurism

Mojo Supermarket

People throwing paper airplanes in Mojo Supermarket's new conference room

Man eating candy, leaning next to a candy wall

Mo Said in Mojo Supermarket's secret vintage lounge

Description: “Tripping on good vibes in the ’70s, imagining what the future will look like while walking through a jungle. But wait, there’s a secret room ... and it smells like mahogany. Put on some slippers, put on a robe and pour yourself a whiskey, or maybe a latte, while you lay on the rug, relax and listen to vintage vinyl on some headphones.”

Mo Said, Mojo Supermarket founder and CEO: “Only on Pinterest could you seamlessly go from manifesting a wild concept on a board to seeing it in real life. The physical manifestation of the board reflects so many of the different ideas that we actually Pinned, and now it's my favorite room of all time. Pinterest’s superpower is not just about finding cool ideas, it's about making them happen in real life.”


Jul 10, 2023
Client :
Agency :
Joan Creative
Agency :
Mojo Supermarket
Agency :
McCann New York
VP Global Creative :
Xanthe Wells
Creative Director :
Nicole Michels McDonagh
Creative Director :
Monica Hernandez
Executive Producer :
Joyce Lee
Senior Creative Specialist/Producer :
Aly Lund
Creative Strategist :
Jessie Cadle
Head of Photography :
Anna Hustler
Director of Business Marketing :
Elizabeth Mansfield
VP Global Head of Business Marketing :
Stacy Wright Malone
Photographer :
Winnie Au
Photography Producer :
Miyazu Sato
Mixer/Sound Designer :
Matt Miller
Production Company :
Director :
Carlyn Hudson
Director of Photography :
Kenny Suleimanagich
Executive Producer :
Britt Godsell
Senior Producer :
Durier Ryan
Creative Director :
Alexandra Wells
Executive Producer - Experiential :
Jessica Norton
Production Manager :
Nico Guera
Senior Content Producer :
Kelsey Lynn Corradetti
Editor :
Billy Sacdalan
Senior Producer - Post :
Melissa Espinosa
Creative Director - Experiential :
Ela Boyd
Head of Post Production :
Andrew Bell
Colorist :
James Tillett
Music Supervisor :
Morgan Thoryk

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