Postmates' Pride campaign brings 'bottom-friendly' menu to app

Delivery service takes on sex ed with input from anal surgeon

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Jun 09, 2022

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Postmates' new campaign, “Eat With Pride,” takes a purpose-driven swing at the sex lives of gay men. It promotes the delivery service’s limited-time “bottom-friendly menu,” which centers on foods that make for easier butt cleanup prior to a roll in the hay.

Rather than just using a ballsy bit of wordplay, Postmates took direction from its community of LGBTQ+ employees to back up the campaign with action—and science. 

“Eat with Pride” looks to fill the void that exists in sexual education for LGBTQ+ people who are subjected to extensive information meant for their heterosexual peers. Teaming with anal surgeon, sexual health expert and founder of Future Method/Bespoke Surgical, Dr. Evan Goldstein, as well as gay comedian Rob Anderson, the brand accompanies its in-app “bottom-friendly menu” with an educational video filled with harness-wearing eggplants and jockstrapped peaches.

“Insoluble fiber won’t help you feel cute,” instructs the spot’s narrator. “So, avoid things like whole grains, wheat bran, cauliflower, potatoes, legumes.” The video goes on to list some do’s and don’ts for those eating before getting frisky, with additional tips on how various foods might cause issues in one’s bowels.

The campaign is an example of how many popular campaigns have found success during June: addressing a problem within the community in a way that feels integrated in its language. Postmates worked directly with production company Psyop on the project. The campaign features a largely LGBTQ+ production team, including co-directors Loren Christiansen and Michael DeWeese and producer Hanna Stolarski. Postmates also recruited queer talent from within its ranks, amplifying LGBTQ+ voices without the performativity of recruiting influencers or outside faces that often rings phony to audiences.

Postmates also put action behind the work with a donation to The Okra Project, which works with the transgender community to address food insecurity, financial barriers and mental health assistance.

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