Spotify Immortalizes Hip-Hop Artists in Sculpture, 'Greco-Roman Style'

Pharrell Narrates Film About the RapCaviar Project via M ssn g P eces

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Dec 08, 2017

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Is there no end to Spotify's buzzworthy end-of-year marketing? In addition to its data-driven outdoor ads and microsite with personalized info on your listening habits, it's found an original way to remember some of the artists on its influential hip-hop playlist, Rap Caviar: immortalizing them in sculpture.

Spotify unveiled three life-size sculptures of Metro Boomin, SZA and21 Savage last night at the Brooklyn Museum, and what's more, Spotify says this is only the inaugural year of the "RapCaviar Pantheon" project; further artists will be honored in years to come.

The sculptures were developed in partnership with SpecialGuest and created using robotic arms at Neoset Designs. Director John X of M ss ng P eces created a short film about the project, seen here, which is voiced by Pharrell Williams.

Tuma Basa, Spotify's Global Head of Hip Hop, says in a statement: "We're treating our artists with the importance that Ancient Rome treated its gods. Metro, SZA and 21 all proved this year that they're here to stay. Their music is forever so why not immortalize their likeness? Greco-Roman Respect Style!"