See Owen Wilson’s amusingly chill ‘Get Ready With Me’ video for California Naturals

The actor even helped write the script for the haircare brand’s new ad, made in-house

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Jan 31, 2024
Owen Wilson in his pajamas drinking from a yellow coffee cup

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The hashtag #GRWM on TikTok has 10.2 million posts as of this writing—but that didn’t stop haircare brand California Naturals from trying to add a fresh ingredient to the “get ready with me” formula.

The ingredient in question? Actor and producer Owen Wilson.

“Get ready … with me! Owen Wilson.” That’s how the new 2:25 video from the haircare brand starts. Soon, viewers are watching Wilson go through all the quirky steps of his morning routine, from waking up by listening to dulcet tones of a leaf blower—the “California state bird,” he jokes—to meditating. “And by meditating, I mean playing with my dog,” he clarifies. 


Naturally, the brand appears in Wilson’s morning routine, too. Wilson pontificates on its ingredients, such as rosemary, and eventually uses a California Naturals hair mask. By the end of the video, his bedhead from earlier in the ad is gone, replaced with hair that’s almost as nice as his equally blonde dog’s fur.

Wilson, who is a California Naturals investor and advisor as well as its “chief shampoo officer,” helped write the ad, according to Georgie Holliday, VP of retail and brand marketing at the company. “He really came up with the majority of all of the lines in there,” she told Ad Age in an interview. 

While Wilson’s real dog, Waffles, also starred in the video, neither Waffles nor Wilson live in the house where the ad takes place—which instead was a “budget-conscious” Airbnb rented for the occasion, said Shelby Wild, founder of California Naturals.

The spot is airing in organic and paid social media. “We’re looking at television distribution at some point, but not right now,” Holliday said.

The brand is also having 11 paid influencers, including Jack Wright, promote the spot. The influencers will stitch the spot on TikTok and Instagram in hopes of enticing other creators to organically pick up the trend, a brand rep said in an email. 

Founded this past summer, California Naturals is still a lean startup. The ad was created in-house, Wild said, adding that California Naturals has spent “significantly” less than six figures on the campaign.


Jan 31, 2024
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California Naturals
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California Naturals

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