Ramblin' Brands : Smile Makers Group Shot

Good vibrations.

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Jun 05, 2012
Smile Makers Group Shot

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Check out The Fireman, The Tennis Coach and The Frenchman - they're all part of a cheekily-named range of vibrators called 'Smile Makers', developed by a group of enterprising Australian creatives.

Micah Walker, creative partner at The Monkeys, Justine Armour, senior creative at Wieden+Kennedy Portland, Pim Van Nunen, creative director at Mojo Sydney, and Deanne Constantine, a group account director in New York, have worked together with the brand's owners in their spare time, collaborating with partners and designers in Australia, Sweden, China, Singapore and the USA.

The product line-up, which is aimed at 'vibrator virgins' who refuse to visit sex shops, is available for sale online at comeplaywithus.com and there are also plans for them to be sold in the health and beauty departments of mainstream retailers. The website includes The Fantasy Man Generator, an interactive section where users can design their own ideal fantasy. There you can pick your 'hunk', set the scene, and imagine away.