Wrangler or Wrongler? Jeans Company Asks You to Make the Right Choice

Social and Outdoor Ads Mark First Work From We Are Pi

Published On
Sep 08, 2015

Editor's Pick

Wrangler or Wrongler? That's the new tagline for the jeans brand, its first work in Europe from newly-appointed agency We Are Pi. The campaign, running via social media and outdoors, juxtaposes "good" images with bad ones -- for example, a wolf in the wild versus a wolfskin rug, or a cooking pot over a campfire versus a microwave oven -- with the word "Wrangler" above the right choice, and "Wrongler" with the wrong choice.

Rick Chant, creative director at Amsterdam-based We Are Pi, explains it thus in a statement: "The evil twin, Wrongler reminds us all to live Wrangler." The agency was appointed in 2014; this work is a teaser for an integrated European brand platform for Wrangler that will launch later this month, encouraging customers to make better lifestyle choices.