Artists in Argentina Transform Absolut Vodka

Performance-Art Marathon Organized by +Castro Opens People's Minds to Seizing Control

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Sep 08, 2014

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In a recent 24-hour performance-art marathon by eight artists in Argentina, the first artist transformed the typography from the iconic Absolut Vodka bottle into fashion photography. In an event billed as the "first interdisciplinary chain of transformation," each artist interpreted the previous one's creation in a different medium. Photography was followed by urban art, then illustration, literature, music, and so on, raising questions like "Can a dress be read? Can a photo be sung?" The goal, to paraphrase the brief, was to encourage people to seize control and become a force for change right now.

The artists' relay in an open-to-the-public studio in Buenos Aires' historic San Telmo neighborhood, redolent of tango and cobblestone streets, began at midnight and ended at 11:59 pm, accompanied by an audience invited through local media, social networks, art schools and cultural centers to witness the process of transformation. After that, the real party started, with other artists and celebrities among the 2,000 guests.

Argentine innovation shop +Castro executed this local interpretation of the "Transform Today" global campaign developed by Sid Lee after the Canadian agency won Absolut's global account last year. The +Castro effort happened on May 8, but the agency has just put together the case-study video in preparation for entering award shows.