Ikea Offers Style and Cost Savings to 'The Last Da Vinci' Owner Who's Now Out $450 Million

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Nov 20, 2017

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Ikea, along with creative collective Acne has been quick to jump on moments of pop culture. When its blue Frakta bag was co-opted by Balenciaga, for example, it made sure to remind consumers who conceived the original.

Now, the furniture giant is taking advantage of the art world's big news the sale of the "Salvator Mundi," aka "The Last Davinci," for $450 million (after a Christie's auction that promoted the upcoming event with this moving film). As the client points out--shoppers can get more than 15 million Billy bookcases for that amount.

Ikea and Acne thought the sale an opportune moment to pitch something on its own shelves--the Virserum frame--because an artwork at that steep a price should be surrounded by a border the owner really likes.