Desperados' latest 'epic party' is one that requires no cleaning up

The beer brand even recycled the mess as speakers

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May 01, 2019

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Desperados, the Heineken-owned tequila flavor beer, is continuing its campaign that brings to life people's ideas for unusual house parties, this time with a party that requires no cleaning up. 

The idea for the party came from by DJ and producer Pretty Pink, from Leipzig, Germany, who was reluctant to host a party at her own place due to the thoughts of the post-party clean-up. Desperados covered the entire inside of a house in a blank canvas. Partygoers were invited to get creative with party props such as DIY paint refill stations, glow in the dark items and balloons filled with paint waiting to be popped. The brand worked with sustainable design studio Gomi to make the material that covered the house recyclable; it will be reshaped into 150 portable speakers.

WeArePi is the overall creative agency on the "Epic Parties" project, with Heimat Active working on local creative. Meanwhile, the campaign is ongoing and consumers can share their ideas for future parties on social media with the hashtag #WeAreTheParty.