Pizza Hut's Latest Packaging Innovation Is a 'DJ Pizza Box'

Mix Your Favorite Tunes, With Extra Cheese

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Aug 17, 2016

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You wouldn't think there was that much more you could do to a humble cardboard pizza box, but pizza purveyors seem determined to outdo each other by coming up with more outlandish packaging innovations. We've seen attempts by Pizza Hut to turn them into movie projectors, while Domino's has turned them into Jack O' Lanterns. Now, Pizza Hut has unveiled what it's calling "the world's first playable DJ pizza box."

Created in partnership with printed electronics maker Novalia, the limited-edition pizza boxes sync via bluetooth to your laptop or smartphone and can be used with DJ-ing software. Users can select their favorite tracks and mix together just by pressing the cardboard controls. Pizza Hut's U.K. arm says the boxes will be given away at five of its restaurants that it will reveal on its Twitter feed. In the meantime, you can enjoy DJ Vectra playiing with the box in the video seen here.