McDonald's Latest Minimalist Ads Make Empty Packaging Look Beautiful

Triptych of Big Mac, Fries and Nuggest Is Gorgeous and Compelling

Published On
Oct 20, 2017

Editor's Pick

TBWA/Paris has done a great job in recent years of making beautiful ads for McDonald's in France that make art out of promoting fast food.

Campaigns have included the recent luminscent outdoor ad campaign depicting burgers and fries, as well as giant unbranded pictograms of popular products back in 2014.

Its latest outdoor campaign features empty packaging: again not something you'd think of as beautiful. But the agency has managed to create a compelling triptych of images of empty boxes for Chicken McNuggets, a Big Mac and fries, on brightly colored backgrounds. Look closely and you'll see a tiny smattering of crumbs left over as well.

The ads are running as posters displayed next to McDonad's restaurants.