This Chrome plugin lets you go all 'Space Invaders' on your video conference colleagues

Coworkers' video feeds become enemy attackers in this browser extension from B-Reel

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Jul 24, 2020

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For office workers, pandemic lockdown has become an endless grind of back-to-back teleconference calls and streamed meetings. Now that everyone understands basic Zoom etiquette, there aren’t even bathroom faux pas to break up the monotony. There’s just the Brady Bunch wall of talking heads, with occasional glimpses of kitschy kitchen décor.

But B-Reel has a solution for desk jockeys stuck in in Google Meet and Hangouts. The “Meeting Intruders” Chrome extension turns colleagues’ video boxes into enemies to destroy, a la classic arcade game "Space Invaders."

The user’s video becomes a valiant defender, firing tiny blasts at the phalanx above and destroying them one-by-one with each hit. It’s a surreptitious plugin, so no one else needs to know what’s happening. The actual meeting still shows up in the background, just in case something actually important happens.


Jul 24, 2020
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