Hinge’s new mascot sacrifices itself for love in first international campaign

The dating app says it’s ‘designed to be deleted'

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Aug 12, 2019

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Many people using dating apps to look for love find it’s an endless cycle of dates that go nowhere. They end up right back on their phones, fueling the business of those apps. Hinge wants people to know it’s different. In its first international campaign, the dating app says its purpose is to get people off its app and into a relationship.

In two spots, viewers are introduced to Hingie, a fuzzy white square that resembles the app’s icon. Hingie isn’t afraid to sacrifice himself for the greater good—making sure singles find their mates. In one spot, a girl is sitting on her bed gleefully messaging through the app and accidentally knocks down a pile of books, sending Hingie into a lit candle. Later, on her date, Hingie is barked at by her date’s dog and flattened by an air conditioner falling from an apartment. In another spot, Hingie is flattened by a chair in a movie theater, stuck in an ice block in a fridge at a grocery store and left to burn in a bonfire.


The spots will appear on social media like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Reddit and stream on Hulu, Spotify and Roku beginning Aug. 12.

A series of posters will also appear in New York subways featuring Hingie in 12 scenarios where couples are enjoying their time together but Hingie is close to his death. We see Hingie run over by a taxi, being attacked by pigeons and caught in a spin cycle in a laundry machine with the taglines: “Find each other. Make us go extinct” and “Let the sparks fly. We won’t feel a thing.” Poor Hingie.


“Through Hingie’s death, we’re letting singles know that Hinge is dying for them to find love,” says Nathan Roth, chief marketing officer at Hinge in a statement. "I hope the campaign inspires even more singles to join Hinge and meet someone worth deleting the app for.”