McDonald's Flips Its Golden Arches for International Women's Day

Stunt Accompanies Stories of Female Leadership

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Mar 08, 2018

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McDonald's took a bold step to celebrate International Women's Day today: It turned its arches upside down.

The fast feeder flipped its iconic logo at one of its restaurants in Lynwood, California--a location owned and operated by Patricia Williams, who, along with her daughters, owns 18 McDonald's across the country. In accompanying film, McDonald's documents her story about running her business as a single mom hoping to set example for her two girls, who after building succesful careers of their own went on to join the family business. Williams' story is just one example of female leadership at McDonald's--according to the restaurant, six out of 10 of its managers are women. The restaurant share more tales about its female leaders on its website.

Along with the upturned logo, which is being shared across various social media channels, patrons at 100 McDonald's restaurants will see the flipped logo on packaging, crew uniformas and more.

We Are Unlimited was behind the idea, and a team of women, director Elle Ginter, Editor Kim Bica and cinematographer Allison Anderson helped create the film.

McDonald's has been having quite the field day with its iconic logo lately. In Canada, the arches turned into a road map, of sorts, while in Australia, it could be found on the feet of sunbathers.