Gordon Ramsay, Anna Friel and Jim Carter join a giant video call in ITV's latest mental health effort

Agency Uncommon also created new ads that take the form of text conversations

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May 20, 2020

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ITV's latest effort in its mental health campaign, "Britain Get Talking," brings together over 20 famous faces from the U.K. broadcaster's shows on a giant video call. 

They include Gordon Ramsay, Anna Friel and "Downton Abbey" actor Jim Carter, as well as ITV's top presenters Ant and Dec, news presenter Julie Etchingham and comedian and writer David Walliams. Each joins the call and delivers lines from the script, which reminds people to get in touch with their loved ones during lockdown, in turn. All the celebrities are seen inside their homes with the natural interruptions such as babies crying and dogs barking, and usual technical glitches that people have all found during lockdown on group video calls.

The new spot by Uncommon, marking Mental Health Awareness Week, will be followed by a series of videos playing out on ITV during the week, including as program idents. The animated films reflect the graphic style of a text message conversation, and show people getting in touch for various reasons, such as telling grandparents of a pregnancy, checking on a friend who lives alone, or laughing with friends about a haircut that went wrong. 

According to ITV, since the return of the "Britain Get Talking" campaign in March, over 6.1 million people have taken immediate action to text or call a friend or family. ITV research carried out by YouGov showed that 55 percent of people in the U.K. were more worried than usual about otheir families’ mental health, and 57 percent were more conscious than usual of the need to look after their mental wellbeing. But the lockdown has also had a positive effect. One third of people say they’ve got back in touch with old friends and family since lockdown began.