You've met Graham--now meet Grant, designed to survive a career in advertising

The parody of the popular campaign promotes an Australian awards show

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Oct 12, 2018

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Last year, an innovative Australian campaign imagined a human being evolutionarily selected for surviving a car crash. Clemenger BBDO’s “Meet Graham” had a thick skull and reinforced ribs to protect against high-velocity impacts. His hideous countenance was just a side effect of Darwinian pressures.

It swept the awards circuit, rivaling even the mighty “Fearless Girl” for industry mentions and trophies. But the true measure of success is parody. Enter Aussie agency Cummins & Partners, which has created its own hyper-resilient humanoid, but designed for a very different kind of ordeal.

“Grant” has a body specifically designed to endure the rigors of a career in advertising. He has ears that can “filter out conflicting opinions,” thick skin, an extra liver for stress drinking and “smaller than average genitals” to fuel that chip on his shoulder. A removable spine helps when dealing with clients. Also, he’s a white guy.

The spoof includes less-than-impressive numbers for reach and earned media for the “campaign,” concluding that copycats can’t live up to the original.

“Meet Grant” is directed by Thirteen & Co's Armand de Saint-Salvy and is part of the promotion for The Melbourne Advertising and Design Club’s Stars Creative Showcase, an Australian awards show being held early next month.


Oct 12, 2018
Agency :
Cummins & Partners
Creative :
Chris Ellis
Creative :
Heath Collins
Creative :
Liam Jenkins
MADC Sub-Committee :
Adrian Bosich
MADC Sub-Committee :
Ed Howley
MADC Sub-Committee :
Elle Bullen
MADC Sub-Committee :
Tracy Proposch
MADC Sub-Committee :
Nicky Finlay
Thanks to :
Matt Stoddart
Thanks to :
Connor Beaver
Thanks to :
Sarah McGregor
Thanks to :
Emma Robbins
Production Company :
Thirteen & Co
Director :
Armand de Saint-Salvy
Producer :
Charity Downing
Executive Producer :
Roy De Giorgio
Colorist :
Matt Fezz
Post Production :
Motion Graphics :
Kane Dixon
Post Producer :
Cat Park
Audio Mix :
Bang Bang Studios
Sound Designer :
Rob Stephens
Sound Producer :
Polly McGregor

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