Stranded kids can't resist a meal at McDonald's, even if it means no rescue

A new spot from Nord DDB highlights the appeal of the 'Coin Menu'

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Aug 30, 2019

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On a lonely road, a young couple runs out of gas. There’s no civilization in sight, so one of them needs to make the long, slow trek into town, jerrycan in hand, to get fuel. With just a few coins to get by on, her priority is obvious. Or is it?

A new 60-second spot for McDonald’s Finland from Nord DDB pits practical necessity against fast food that’s just too affordable to pass up, even if it means being left stranded outside town. Written and directed by Simo Liukka via Lucy Loves Stories, the spot is aimed at young consumers who often need to make careful decisions about how to spend limited funds.

Our stranded protagonist happens upon 24-hour McDonald’s, and the Coin Menu—the Finnish version of the Dollar Menu—wins out in the end. As for her partner? He gets a meal, too, though we’re left wondering exactly how happy he’ll be once the food is gone and night settles in.