Best of 2021: Mtn Dew brings back Bob Ross to teach you how to paint the soda

The iconic TV painter is being re-created via CGI with an actor that resembles him

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Feb 22, 2021

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Through New Year's, we will be counting down our picks for 2021's 30 best ads and creative marketing ideas.

At No. 26: Mtn Dew's latest nostalgia play brings TV painter Bob Ross back to life.

Mtn Dew's appetite for nostalgia seems to know no bounds at the moment. Last week saw the PepsiCo brand drop an ad for Mtn Dew Zero Sugar recreating Gizmo from "Gremlins"; and now, it's "bringing back" iconic TV painter Bob Ross for its latest campaign.

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Ross, known for his gentle persona and "happy" landscape paintings, died in 1995, but as well as being beloved to '80s kids he's also a familiar face to today's younger set thanks to streaming (his show "The Joy of Painting" is currently airing on Amazon Prime Video).

Mtn Dew and agency TBWA/Chiat/Day New York worked with the Bob Ross Foundation on a 15-second spot, which shows Ross adding some "happy little droplets" to a landscape painting that includes a bottle of Mtn Dew.  He says, "sometimes in life you get a little thirsty, and when a refreshing opportunity comes along, you can just...." at which point he reaches into the painting and takes the bottle to have a drink. "Shoot, that's good," he adds. 

According to a Mtn Dew spokesman, Ross was recreated via CGI with an actor whose body structure and demeanor resembled his, and used prosthetics and a wig. Then, CGI and face-mapping was then used for mouth replacement and augmentation of the face of the body double to match that of Ross. And a real painter, certified by the Bob Ross Foundation, did all the painting. The Mill worked on VFX.

The spot teases a "full episode" of "Paint With Bob" that will be airing on YouTube on March. 6 at 12PM EST, where it seems the resurrected Ross may be schooling viewers on how to make the Dew painting. The wider campaign, breaking in March, appears to involve to involve a paint giveaway and charity auction. 


Feb 22, 2021
Client :
Mtn Dew
Agency :
TBWA/Chiat/Day-New York
Chief Marketing Officer :
Greg Lyons
VP Marketing :
Nicole Portwood
Senior Director :
Matthew Nielsten
Senior Director :
Erin Chin
Director :
Katy Holden
Senior Manager Marketing :
Eleonora Karastergiou
Senior Marketing Analyst :
Jackie Tsontakis
Producer :
Brett Zuckerman
Founder and CEO of Monsoon Entertainment :
Danielle Vadai
Chris Beresford-Hill
Ex. Creative Director :
Amy Ferguson
Ex. Creative Director :
Julia Neumann
Assoc. Creative Director :
Ashley Veltre
Assoc. Creative Director :
Holden Rasche
Copywriter :
Christopher Santaiti
Copywriter :
KS Shanti
Head of Production :
John Doris
Ex. Producer :
Amanda Revere
Sr. Producer :
Ruganzu Howard
Business Affairs Manager :
Anne-Camille Charpié
Business Lead :
Bruna Bechelli
Business Director :
Matthew Duerr
Business Manager :
Allie Lightcap
Executive Strategy Director :
John Gibson
Strategy Director :
Michael Obermeyer
Senior Strategist :
Bodi Karsono
Operations Manager :
Christina Curtis
Communications :
Asheden Hill
James Sowden
President :
Nancy Reyes
Rob Schwartz
Production :
The Mill
Director :
Nic Yiallouris
Producer :
Peter Keenan
The Mill
Executive Producer :
Clairellen Wallin
Producer :
Brett Grisham
Producer :
Kevin Liu
Creative Director :
Corey Brown
Lead :
Kshitij Khanna
Color :
The Mill
Colorist :
Michael Rossiter
Colorist :
Josh Bohoskey
Edit :
Editor :
Nick Divers
Asst. Editor :
Kenneth Munoz
Ex. Producer :
Gina Pagano
Edit :
Editor :
Yvette Choy
Ex. Producer :
Tricia Higgins
Audio Mix/Sound Design :
Screaming Penguin
Audio Engineer :
Rob Fielak

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