Popeyes tries to infiltrate family chats to get them to order chicken

Campaign from Gut 'autocorrects' with a mission

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Jul 29, 2020

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In its past campaigns out of agency Gut, Popeyes has trolled fellow fast food chicken joint Chick-fil-A. More recently, however, the brand is taking on an entire food category: pizza.

Earlier this month, the company followed pizza delivery guys all the way to their drop-off destinations so that their own representative could step in and offer a substitute for the pies: a Popeyes Family Meal.

Now, the hijacking has come to text messaging. The latest push from the brand encourages Popeyes lovers to steal their loved ones’ phones and insert a special auto-correct term: it’s suggesting users replace the word "pizza" with the phrase “Popeyes instead of pizza.”  

So if all goes well, as it does in the demo video above, when families start chatting about what to order for dinner tonight, Popeyes will automatically spring up as the first choice.

It’s a clever tech idea, though it seems now is not quite the right time for it, with families still largely stuck at home together because of the coronavirus.

A more likely scenario would go like this:

Dad [Bellowing from the kitchen]: “What do you guys want for dinner?”
Tommy [Screaming from bedroom]: McDonald’s
Sophie [Yelling from den]: Domino’s

Where’s the hijacking opportunity in that? 

(Also, perhaps for version 2.0, Popeyes could go one step further and encourage auto-correcting actual competitors' names.)