See McDonald’s animated spot for its Kerwin Frost Happy Meal

The new adult Happy Meals, from Wieden+Kennedy, feature updated McNugget Buddies

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Dec 11, 2023
McDonald's Kerwin Frost McNuggets

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The McDonald’s McNugget Buddies are getting a modern makeover with help from Kerwin Frost.

The DJ and streetwear style creator is partnering with the Golden Arches for the chain’s latest adult Happy Meal, which will include one of six updated McNugget Buddies. In honor of the new meal, which drops today, McDonald’s is rolling out an animated ad that shows one of the buddies, Brrrick, stealing the new box. The other Buddies chase after him to remind him that the box is for “every buddy.”

The spot ends with the campaign’s tagline, “There’s a little McNugget in everyone.”


The ad, from Wieden+Kennedy New York will run on paid social and linear TV.

The collaboration will also feature a set of blue "Fry Guy" clogs that fans can buy, while supplies last. The clogs are meant to look fuzzy, have eyes, and have a McDonald's "M" on the heels.

This adult Happy Meal comes on the heels of McDonald’s Cactus Plant Flea Market meal, which included toys of Grimace, Birdie and the Hamburglar in the style of the streetwear brand. Its also the latest in McDonald’s nostalgic marketing streak.