Watch as These World-Weary 4th Graders Bemoan How Easy 3rd Graders Have It

Go-Gurt Campaign Out of Erich & Kallman Plugs the New "EZ Open" Go-Gurt Tubes Popular With the Young'uns

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Aug 01, 2017

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In a new spot for Go-Gurt, a couple of world-weary 4th graders named Tim and Charlie (who haven't aged well) look on as nearby 3rd graders enjoy their "EZ Open" Go-Gurt yogurt tubes. "We used to struggle for 20 minutes to open our GoGurt," says Charlie, to which Tim responds, "When we finally got those things open, we'd be overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment no third grader today will ever know!"

It's unclear why Go-Gurt has decided to coddle the lazy-3rd-grader demographic while alienating the world-weary-4th-grader market -- or if there's any hope of convincing 4th graders to adopt such new-fangled packaging technology. But the good news for Tim and Charlie is that Go-Gurt, via this campaign out of agency Erich & Kallman, has given then a multi-part forum to vent ... about 3rd graders' P.E. classes, hoverboards and work ethic.


Aug 01, 2017
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Erich & Kallman

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