Stuck inside? McDonald’s comes to you, says this absurd mini-musical in France

There’s no need to peel yourself off the wall and head outside, according to the latest from TBWA\Paris

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Feb 16, 2024
A woman wrapped in a towel stuck on a giant window in her bedroom with clothes strawn about the floor

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McDonald’s delivery comes in handy when you’re stuck inside, literally or figuratively, according to an amusingly silly musical spot in France from TBWA\Paris—the agency’s second cartoony campaign for the fast-food chain in a matter of weeks.

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The 60-second spot features characters who, for one reason or another, can’t leave their homes. This is visually communicated by showing them actually stuck to walls, windows, even a shower curtain—as they sing to us about their travails.

With its combination of absurd physical humor and musical approach with goofy lyrics, there a distinct Old Spice-y vibe here, as McDonald’s comes to the rescue at the end.


The spot was directed by Bjorn Ruhmann, whose past whimsical work—often featuring physical comedy—has included Skittles’ “Witch,” Volkswagen’s “No Going Back” and perhaps most famously, Epuron’s “The Wind.”

The spot broke on Wednesday and is the first step in a broader campaign breaking later in the month promoting new benefits of the so-called M+ delivery service.

It follows another farcical McDonald’s France spot that broke a few weeks ago, directed by Tom Kuntz, in which McDonald’s burger eaters are hounded for their grub—and must flee on foot from their harrassers.


Feb 16, 2024
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Louison Palatre
Executive Creative Director :
Benjamin Marchal
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Swann Richard
Head of Strategic Planning :
Celine Mazza
Head of TV :
Maxime Boiron
Creative Producer :
Elisabeth Boitte
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Production Manager :
Anne-Laure Godhino
Executive Producer :
Edouard Chassing
Director :
Bjorn Ruhmann
Post-Production :
Post Producer :
Mélanie Bernard
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Head of Music and Sound :
Olivier Lefebvre
Music & Sound Producer :
Fanny Mithois
Sound Engineer :
Alexandre Robieux
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Matthieu Seignez
Music AD :
Thomas Jacquet
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Ferdinand Huet
Music Legal & Business Affairs :
Marion Le Guluche

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