This haunting film about a stranded sea creature is a stark warning about plastic pollution

Park Pictures' Tom Tagholm directed spot for Surfers Against Sewage

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Apr 30, 2019

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A mysterious sea creature is stranded on a beach in a haunting new film directed by Park Pictures' Tom Tagholm (Channel 4's "Meet the Superhumans") for environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage.

Tagholm weaves a beautiful sense of mystery into the spot, which begins with the whale-like creature's strange appearance and is followed by a series of interviews with various members of the community who appeared on the beach to try and help it. Kids watch soberly as they pull plastic from its body, and for a moment we think all will be well, but then, we witness the creature's last gasp.

The film ends by telling us that 95 percent of the ocean remains unexplored, and if we keep polluting the ocean with plastic, there may be creatures out there that we will never get to meet. 

The film was shot in Cornwall, where Surfers Against Sewage is based, and its cast includes local Cornish surfers and supporters of the charity. The sea creature was created full scale by a team at Anarchy and augmented and animated by MPC London, whose 3D supervisor Dominic Alderson says it worked hard to convey the pain of a "living breathing creature yet undiscovered."

The film is a passion project for Tagholm, who is himself a keen surfer. He says in a statement: "As a surfer, I wanted to do what I could to help. Park Pictures share a tendency towards political and environmental engagement, so the desire was there to do some work. The idea for Creature came when I was out in the water. I wondered what could be out there in the deep. And what might be suffering before we’ve even had a chance to meet.”

“We worked slowly and methodically with designer Kate McConnell over months looking at the evolutionary logic of our creature—how she might defy certain elements of known biology but also incorporate and combine other aspects that aren’t believed to go together. For example, you’ll see she has gills as well as its blowholes and of course there’s her panic response at the end of the film which hints at an energy we’ll never really understand.”



Apr 30, 2019
Client :
Surfers Against Sewage
Client :
Park Pictures
Production Company :
Park Pictures
Writer and Director :
Tom Tagholm
Executive Producer :
Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Executive Producer :
Lance Acord
Executive Producer :
Stephen Brierley
Producer :
Fran Thompson
Production Manager :
Rosie Marchant
Production Assistant :
Fred Deedes
Executive Producer, Head of Production :
Sophie Hubble
Assistant Producer :
Freya Silk
Sales & Marketing :
Bethany Reilly
Sales & Marketing :
Frankie Singler
Director of Photography :
Luke Jacobs
Production Designer :
Simon Davis
1st AD :
Joe Carter
2nd AD :
Charlie Hibbert
Runner :
Emma Jones
Runner :
Elle Parsons
Location Manager :
Algy Sloane
Location Assistant :
Conor White Andrews
Model Maker :
Creative Concept Artist :
Kate McConnell
Tech Supervisor :
Jason Szukalski
Senior Technician :
Jim Bones
Tech :
James Churches
Tech :
Joseph Szukalski
Tech :
Andre Masters
Editing Company :
Editor :
Tim Hardy
Editor's Assistant :
Chris Wilson
Post Production :
Executive Producer :
Amy Richardson
2D VFX Supervisor :
Tom Harding
2D VFX Supervisor :
Marcus Dryden
3D VFX Supervisor :
Dominic Alderson
3D Artist :
Matilda Nygaard Vinther
Colorist :
George Kyriacou
Producer :
Abhinav Sharda
3D Supervisor :
Mark Robinson
2D Supervisor :
David Rouxal
Asset :
Divya Vijay
Rigger :
Animation Lead :
Ankan Sandal
Artist :
Ambalika Nandy
Match-Move :
Tejaswini N
Match-Move :
Shrishti Sandal
Comp :
Uday Veerapali
Comp :
Pratyush Paruchuri
Sound :
Wave Studios
Sound Design :
Ned Sisson
Sound Design Producer :
Rebecca Boswell
Music Composer :
Jamie Masters
Music Producer :
Jeremy Newton
Cast :
Graham Francis Bacon
Cast :
Maisy Bond
Cast :
Hugo Brown
Cast :
Dora Carter
Cast :
Sylvie Carter
Cast :
Kate Entwistle
Cast :
Atticus Felstead
Cast :
Kate De Freitas
Cast :
Lewis Jones
Cast :
Jessica Kinton
Cast :
Kristian Lannen
Cast :
Joe Owens
Cast :
Jill Paul
Cast :
Luke Parkinson
Cast :
Tim Polson
Cast :
Romy Sloane
Cast :
Ossian Sloane
Cast :
Sidney Sloane
Cast :
Hazel Sloane

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