There are a lot of goats in the Disney+ Super Bowl ad

National spot featuring Awkwafina shows off the streamer's greatest hits

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Feb 15, 2022

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Declaring something the greatest of all time is a pretty big claim. Considering its roster of household names, Disney has a decent excuse to use the phrase—but chose to dress up goats rather than proclaim their movies GOATs.

In the Disney+ Super Bowl spot, which aired during the second quarter of the game, Awkwafina guides viewers through a few of the mega-media house’s greatest hits with the help of some barnyard friends. There are goats dressed as Simba, Jack Sparrow, the Avengers, Olaf, Repunzel, Chewbacca and a Storm Trooper. There’s a goat dressed for award-winning documentary “Free Solo” and even some of Disney’s newer titles, including “Encanto,” “Loki” and “Cruella.”

By the end, Awkwafina can’t even fit into an elevator as she’s surrounded by goat Bart Simpson, goat Woody, goat Captain Marvel and a goat dressed as the floating house from “Up.”

All of the furry shenanigans are in service of declaring Disney+ the streamer with all of the “greatest movies and shows of all time.”

The spot comes from agency Erich & Kallman and was directed by O Positive’s David Shane, who coincidentally helmed last Super Bowl’s Paramount+ ad.