Childhood milestones look bleak against the timeline of climate change

PSAs from Science Moms and Ad Council enlist scientists who are mothers to tell their stories

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Sep 14, 2021

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Despite dire warnings of imminent disaster from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, it’s only a frequent topic of conversation for 14% of Americans, according to a survey by the Potential Energy Coalition. A new PSA from the organization, advocacy group Science Moms and the Ad Council drives home the changes in store for the climate as set against the milestones of a young girl’s life—milestones that will be much more unpleasant for children born today if carbon emissions aren’t cut drastically.

Two eponymous science moms tell their own stories in accompanying videos. “This summer’s extreme weather events are more than concerning,” said one of them, Dr. Melissa Burt, founding member of the Science Moms campaign and research scientist in the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University, in a statement. “I’m talking about climate change with parents in my community, and everyone has the same question: What will this mean for our children? It’s simply past time to act—we need progress, and we need it now.”


In addition to the PSAs, the campaign includes TV, digital and out-of-home placements. Prior work for Science Moms took a more comedic bent with an animated spot by Joan Creative.

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“Through this campaign, Potential Energy and the Ad Council are putting a stake in the ground by going big and national to awaken and engage America,” added John Marshall, CEO of the Potential Energy Coalition. “Climate change is not political—it threatens our present and futures and requires immediate collective action from all of us. Later is too late.”




Sep 14, 2021
Agency :
Potential Energy Coalition
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Science Moms

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