We are Jack Daniel’s

Evolving an Iconic Brand Identity

Published On
Sep 03, 2020


Our work for Jack has long paid homage to its roots and the people behind the craft of whiskey-making in Lynchburg, Tennessee. With a goal to broaden the brand’s fan base, we wanted to nod to the distillery’s process and whiskey makers while also bringing an array of drinkers enjoying Jack Daniel’s in varied situations into the mix. So, we positioned Jack Daniel’s as the “Whiskiest Whisky,” celebrating loyal drinkers and new drinkers alike. The global campaign leverages iconic imagery, distinct brand assets such as the bottle’s black and white, and an instantly recognizable rock ‘n’ roll classic “Rumble” by Link Wray. The campaign elevates the already iconic status of Jack Daniel’s while at the same time engaging, recruiting and appealing to many new friends of Jack. Based on the brand identity we’ve developed as their lead partner, we manage a global toolkit accessible to all local agencies – photography, video, copy, social posts, etc. – to ensure this iconic brand is portrayed consistently and effectively in each global market.