Jose Cuervo will send your cardboard ‘Doppeldrinker’ home for the holidays

Social campaign from Mekanism aims to keep families happy with cutouts of their loved ones  

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Nov 16, 2020

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Cardboard cutouts have become a popular prop for ads during the pandemic. In October, Bud Light played off the use of cardboard stand-ins filling seats at empty stadiums in a spot where a 2D fan journeys to find his real-life counterpart. Last week, Phyllis of “The Office” created a flat counterpart to sit in on her work Zoom calls so she could do her crafts in a spot for Joann.

Now, Jose Cuervo is sending what it's calling "Doppeldrinkers" home for the holidays for all those remaining socially distant this year. Beginning on November 16, people can enter to win life-sized cardboard versions of themselves shipped to their loved ones so they can still have their faces at the family table, especially during those holiday toasts.

The "Doppeldrinkers" also have the added benefit of getting people out of all the exhausting parts of the season like dropped flights, getting sick or tense dinner-time debates after an especially contentious election season.

The contest comes as states across the U.S. advise people to stay put for the holidays instead of traveling and celebrating with loved ones as coronavirus pandemic sees another surge.  

People 21 or older can go to, upload a full-body photo of themselves holding their favorite drink and share where they want their “Doppeldrinker” to be sent. A limited number of winners will be selected. Jose Cuervo worked with ad agency Mekanism on the contest and a social campaign to promote it. In a 15-second spot, one man’s family is almost too happy to see his “Doppeldrinker” self.

“We are always looking for ways to connect with our fans, and by giving them a chance to send a Cuervo Doppledrinker to their loved ones, we’re finding new ways to keep our favorite traditions happening around the holiday table this season," said Lander Otegui, SVP of marketing, Proximo Spirits in a statement. "Jose Cuervo has brought together friends and family for holiday celebrations for over 200 years—with this program we’re able to continue that tradition, even if things are a little different this year."


Nov 16, 2020
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