Ryan Reynolds plugs his new 'Croods' movie and Aviation Gin together in spot masquerading as a juice ad

The actor's latest video is a 'special movie message is for mommies and daddies'

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Dec 16, 2020

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Is there no end to the productivity of Ryan Reynolds this year? Hard on the heels of his campaign for Match and a new push for Frida Mom, the actor and his production company Maximum Effort are back with another spot for his Aviation Gin brand. Or is it? 

The video, posted on Twitter, is in fact a cross-promotion for both Aviation and "The Croods, A New Age," the upcoming sequel to the 2013 animated movie in which Reynolds reprises his voice talent as caveboy Guy. But, as Reynolds hastily points out, "The Croods: A New Age" is a "family film," and gin is "for mommies and daddies only." In order to get around this tricky little issue, he claims it's an ad for innocent old orange juice. Because of course, "evolved" mommies and daddies like their juice with a little bit of his gin. 

The wide-eyed nod to frazzled parents is similar to his spot for an enormous "Homeschool Edition" of Aviation Gin earlier this year. But in the meantime, we're wondering if Reynolds saw Creativity's Top 5 discussion about Tropicana's campaign last week in which it created secret fridges for parents to hide their mimosa ingredients.