These Nikes have Ben & Jerry's all over them

Colorful shoes play on ice cream's branding, from cow print to a melty swoosh

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May 26, 2020

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With its latest pair of themed shoes, it’s clear Nike has a bit of a sweet tooth. Nike SB, the footwear company’s skateboarding brand, has partnered with Ben & Jerry’s to create kicks in the style of the ice cream brand's banana chocolate chip ice cream Chunky Monkey. Since the shoe is designed as a “chunky” version of SB’s Dunk Lows, Nike is calling them “Chunky Dunkys.”

The shoe borrows from Ben & Jerry’s branding that you see on its pints and marketing materials. They're covered with a black-and-white cloud cow print, blue leather on the top of the shoe resembles the sky, while the dark green sole represents the cow pasture. Tie dye fills the insides of the shoe, and a melting yellow Nike swoosh spans the side. Nike even used Ben & Jerry’s fonts for its logos on the heel tap and tongue label.

The shoes are available for $100 at select NikeSB retailers around the world. On Tuesday, the shoes were also being released through a drawing on Nike’s SNKRS app, where the brand drops its latest shoes. By afternoon, they were already sold out on the app and Ben & Jerry’s was trending on Twitter.

Steve Pelletier, senior PLM on footwear for Nike SB, said the footwear brand first approached Ben & Jerry’s with the idea for a shoe based on its Chunky Monkey flavor.

“The exciting part [is] the Ben & Jerry’s aesthetic,” said Pelletier in a video on the SNKRS app. “When you look at how much fun Ben & Jerry’s has with all their marketing materials, their packaging, their messaging. A lot of that’s done trying to better the world. I think Nike SB is pretty similar.” David Nickless, footwear designer at Nike, steered the project.

Jay Curley, the Ben & Jerry's global marketing manager who spearheaded the effort with Nike tells Ad Age, “We’ve been churning up this partnership for almost two years now and we’re happy to bring it out when people are looking for some joy. As our Co-Founder Jerry said, 'If it’s not fun, why do it?' All this, in our first foray into footwear.”