Ballantine's : T-Shirt OS

A wearable status update.

Published On
Aug 06, 2012

Editor's Pick

Ballantine's is on a mission to create "the world's first digital t-shirt" - and promises that if it gets enough support, it will do it.

The brand, whose previous digital experiments have included the Human API, letting people interact with artists in real time, created a protoype t-shirt to tie in with its strapline, "leave an impression". Among other things, the "T-Shirt OS" has an ultra-thin LED screen that will display tweets, take photos and post them to an Instagram feed. It was created in partnership with CuteCircuit, a London fashion company that specializes in wearable technology.

At the T-Shirt OS Facebook page, consumers can register that they're interested in the product, and add their own suggestions on what other features T-Shirt OS should include. Ballantine's says that if enough people want one, it might just make the product available, so it's encouraging sharing of the video and retweets.