Beer drinkers go in the buff to promote Bofferding brew

How else would a craft beer stand out these days?

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Aug 29, 2019

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It’s not easy breaking through in the beer category these days, with hundreds of craft beers filling store shelves across America. So Bofferding, a 255-year-old brew from Luxembourg, is hoping a little nudity will help it stand out. A self-described “cheeky” campaign features naked people posing in the outdoors. It’s called “Drink in the Boff.” Get it? 

Print and digital ads by Milwaukee ad agency BVK were shot in Wisconsin locations “that reinforced the all-natural product benefit and also had aesthetic similarities to Luxembourg,” according to a brand representative. Bofferding claims “100% natural ingredients.”

Of course some publishers, like Facebook, would not accept the ads with nudity. So Bofferding had a little fun with that, creating a censored version:

Bofferding Social Post


Aug 29, 2019
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