Ikea's latest ad hops on the Marie Kondo train

The retailer has a home for your stuff that sparks joy, and for the stuff that doesn't

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Jan 25, 2019

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Ikea's always quick to insert itself into pop culture moments to shill its own wares. It recently celebrated Instagram's record-setting egg, had a suggestion for the owner of "The Last Davinci,"  and there was, of course its award-winning response to Balenciaga's "Frakta" bag copycat

The retailer's latest move jumps on board the KonMari-zation that's once again swept the country, likely thanks to the Netflix series that sees organization and decluttering expert Marie Kondo taking the tips from her popular book into the real world to help various folks get their households in order.

The new ad, which appears on Ikea Singapore's Facebook page, depicts the retailer's goods that could be useful as you KonMari your own home: "Skubb" boxes for the stuff that brings you "joy" (a nod to one of her famously quirky expressions), and a "Knodd" bin for the junk you want to toss (after, presumably, performing the Kondo-prescribed practice of saying "thank you").