KFC is giving free bowl cuts to promote its bowls of food

Fast food chain is bringing back the 'do in latest promotion

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Jan 10, 2019

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KFC is bringing back the bowl cut to promote bowls of food. We mean that literally: The fast-food chain will give free bowl haircuts Thursday afternoon at Ludlow Blunt in Brooklyn to promote its limited-time $3 KFC Famous Bowls. While the hairstyle isn't too popular, some stylists say it's poised for a comeback (you've been warned).

The haircut is a play on its branding: KFC is calling a straight-ahead bowl cut the "Original Recipe," according to a picture book KFC has published highlighting the hairdos. Another featured look is "The Spork & Bowl," with a spork-like style shaved into the back of the hairstyle. (If anyone takes KFC up on this, please, please send us before-and-after photos.)

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter tweeted the news this week. A KFC rep says the chain did not pay Carter for the plug.